Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Hurray! It’s someone’s special day! Mabel loves birthday parties so why not have her out at yours?

Mabel has been attending parties for over the last 10 years.  She shows up in her colourful costume and is ready to paint and have fun with your child!

Here are your party options!

Face painting

Mabel comes complete with her kit and is ready to paint! Whimsical designs, animals and super hero’s are all part and parcel when it comes to face painting!

Prices start at $175 for a party of up to 15 children. *Travel may apply.

*please email Mabel for a quote more specific to your needs.

Glitter tattoos

Long lasting and fool proof, glitter tattoos never fail to impress! A huge array of choices and colours. Mabel is also now incorporating bio glitter into her kit to provide an environmentally friendly option!

Prices start at $150 for up to 15 children or Add on to Face Painting for $50 for this service.

Full Party

Package includes face painting, balloons, interactive play, magic and adventure story, this option provides all the fun for your guests and none of the work for mom! Please note with this option Mabel does require the first hour to hour and half to get the kids painted and won’t be entertaining them at this time, so one planned activity is advised. Prices start at $225 for this option. *Travel may apply.