Frequently Asked Questions


What dates and times are you available?

Mabel maintains a flexible schedule and tries to accommodate all requests, however, most of her bookings are held on weekends between 10 am – 6 pm. Additional fees are applicable for travel outside the normal working area, and if the duration of Mabel’s presence is extended. Please contact info@mabelmoon.com for more information


What if I need to cancel or postpone my party?

Mabel is more than willing to reschedule or cancel your party in advance if you can please give her as much notice as possible.  If your event is cancelled within 7 days of the original booking without any plans to reschedule the full amount is still required to be paid to Mabel Moon as she has turned down other work to keep your date open for you. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


How many guests can I invite?

Mabel’s party routine works best for under 10 children in attendance, however, if your guests in attendance are higher, she will gladly amend her party routine to accommodate all guests.


What happens if my guests arrive late?


Mabel has booked your party into the schedule, and therefore cannot be delayed as she has a schedule to keep. If some of your guests are late, Mabel recommends that they join in the party upon arrival.



If you can please leave a space for Mabel to park in your driveway or as close to the entrance as possible, it would be appreciated. Please keep in mind she has several items to carry into your party.



All bookings require a $50.00 non refundable deposit at time of booking. Deposits can be e-transfered to info@mabelmoon.com. Please notify Mabel of the security answer.

Mabel Moon accepts cash, or certified cheque at the end of her party routine. Your payment details will be discussed in person at the time of your booking. An email can also be sent to you confirming the details by request.

E-transfers are accepted but must be sent by the morning of your event. Please send to virgcowan@hotmail.com. You will not require a password.





In the event of bad weather or illness, Mabel Moon reserves the right to reschedule your party. If the birthday girl or boy becomes ill, Mabel will be happy to reschedule your party at a later date. Thank you for your understanding. By reading this and continuing to book with Mabel Moon it is understood that you have agreed to and accepted these terms of booking.



The customer agrees to hold and keep harmless Mabel Moon from any and all property damages and bodily injured damage caused by the customer’s guests or other persons attending the party. In the event that a child is allergic to the face paint Mabel is not held responsible.

The customer agrees that Mabel Moon is not responsible for severe inclement weather or acts of God that may cause the cancellation of our Performer attending your party.

Does Mabel Moon have a vulnerable sector check?

Yes, and it is available for verification upon request.


Can Mabel add our company name to her insurance for our event?


Yes, as long as sufficient time has been given to allow Mabel to make the proper arrangements.


Is your face-paint safe?

Yes. Mabel Moon only uses professional quality face and body paint brands – Wolfe, Global , Fusion, Diamond FX and Tag.

These are government approved pigments and all conform to set safety standards.
Mabel’s Glitter is also specially made specifically for skin and not crafts.


How do I remove the face-paint?


Baby wipes are a great initial tool to clean with but good old soap and water will do the trick.
Please note some colours are more difficult to remove such as red.


Face Paint
  • Face painting is a separate extra service from ballooning. At most busy corporate events, Mabel does not have time to provide balloons as well as face painting. However, you can add on this service for an additional fee if you believe there will be time.
  • Mabel Moon can provide up to 2 additional Face Painters if needed, and enough time is given to secure others.
  • Going quickly with simple designs one painter can get through 15 – 17 faces per hour.
  • Mabel does not require hydro.
  • Payment is kindly required before the end of the gig time on the day. Mabel usually has to scoot off to another job and does not have extra time to hunt people down for a cheque.
  • Mabel does not recommend face painting for children under the age of 3 years old.
  • Depending on the event Mabel may discreetly have set out a tip jar but does not actively and openly solicit tips.
  • Mabel only uses professional quality face-paint that is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. She cannot guarantee nut free as at any long event the child before could have been contaminated.
  • As a friend to our environment, Mabel does not currently offer bling or jewels or single use items to her face painting. When a suitable biodegradable option is found, she will most definitely re-incorporate this beautiful option.