Face Painting

Face Painting

Need a Face Painter for your next event? Mabel will show up to your event in her full costume or an outfit suited to your event equipped with all her tools. Mabel is fully insured and has a vulnerable sector check. Mabel is known around Simcoe County for her patience and demeanour with children as well as quality professional face art.


Minimum booking required is a 2 hour event: $200

For more than 2 hours: First hour is $125, Each hour after $75, after 4 hours, $65/ hour.

  • In most cases travel is included.
  • If you are not already an established client, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure and hold your date.

Please email Mabel for a quote suited specifically to your event!

  • Mabel Moon can provide up to 2 additional Face Painters if needed, and enough time is given to secure others.
  • Going quickly with simple designs one painter can get through 15 – 17 faces per hour.
  • Mabel does not require hydro.
  • Payment is kindly required before the end of the gig time on the day. Mabel usually has to scoot off to another job and does not have extra time to hunt people down for a cheque.
  • Mabel does not recommend face painting for children under the age of 3 years old.
  • Depending on the event Mabel may discreetly have set out a tip jar but does not actively and openly solicit tips.
  • Mabel only uses professional quality face-paint that is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. She cannot guarantee nut free as at any long event the child before could have been contaminated.
  • As a friend to our environment, Mabel does not currently offer bling or jewels or single use items to her face painting. When a suitable biodegradable option is found, she will most definitely re-incorporate this beautiful option.