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Mabel Moon Face Paint Kits

Learn along with Mabel at home on how to create your favorite face paint creations!

Kit includes 15 colours with one brush, one sponge, one finger dauber, and one stencil of varying design.

If purchased, a link and password to your tutorial videos will be emailed to you when your kit has been shipped or picked up.

Basic face paint kits do not include video tutorials.


  • Check the ingredients list below for any potential allergy issues
  • Face Paint is NOT recommended for children under 3 years of age
  • Do not leave face paint on over night
  • Do not paint over open wounds or cuts
  • Face paint will stain the skin if left on too long (1 hours +)
  • The bright pink in this palette is a very strong pigment, mix with other lighter colours to prevent staining
  • Sponge colour and stencil may be different than advertised
  • Do not try to wash face paint off with just water- use a strong soap to water mix.

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